Legal, Policies, Ethics with Social Media

Social Media Legal Issue

With increasing online presence from individuals and companies, legal and ethical problems arise with privacy and first amendment tribulations. We’re not all aware of the rights we have on the Internet so it’s important to educate ourselves. In an article by Adrian Lurssen it says, “Despite the tremendous enthusiasm for tools and technologies that shape online communications today, there can be risks and unintended consequences to business-related social media use.” Everyone wants to be online because we can see the direct benefits of being connected but it’s so easy to get in trouble for the things we post. If we do not understand policies and our rights online we can end up in a lot of trouble.

A slide shared by Daliah Saper helps us understand what issues employees and business owners face with social media.

New legal issues as a result of online presence include, Employees freely copying what they see on the internet; Posting inappropriate or offensive content on company bulletin board or blogs; Discrimination in hiring employees through internet job postings; Badmouthing a company on personal blogs. I know something that affects a lot of people is having inappropriate pictures and posts on their Facebook page. We have been told time and time again to clean up pictures and un-tag ourselves in inappropriate pictures. When I was trying out for a pageant two years ago I was told to erase any pictures I wouldn’t want the judges to see. Before they even met me, they were told to go online and look at our Facebook profile to get a feel of what we were like. Is this right? According to privacy laws online it says, “A posting may be private if it is on a password protected site, or the poster has high security settings that prevent outside users from viewing the site (Secured Communications Act). With that being said, if you have things to hide on Facebook, make sure it’s on lock down! Don’t let things be so public that it can affect the way people you are not friends with judge you.  The way we can protect ourselves and our business is understanding the laws of the internet. If we are not aware of intellectual property and privacy acts we can let things slip under our belts.

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Apps and Quick Response Codes


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In conversation I often find myself saying, “I have an App for that!” It’s becoming more and more common to have an app for grocery shopping, weather, photo editing, gaming and much more. The amazing thing from apps is they grow by word of mouth. This just makes them more and more popular within friends and connecting through Smartphone’s. In the article from Curt Harler he said, “Now, communities, fitness centers, restaurants, retailers and even your local coffee or grocers are staying connected through software-driven applications to access instant information from their mobile device.” Apps are becoming a technology I can’t live without. This is just the beginning of relying on technology for keeping information easy to access.

Since I didn’t know much about QR Codes (Quick Response Code) I wanted to find an article that could explain it for me. I have seen funny little squares on numerous posters but wanted to know the meaning behind them. The article by Terrence O’Brien said, “At its most basic, a QR Code is a barcode on steroids.–QR codes are tailor-made for quickly and easily linking to content on smartphones. There are a number of apps in the iPhone App Store that can read QR Codes.” Now knowing this, I just downloaded the free App. Next time I’m at the airport and see a funny little square I’m going to put it to use!

In the article I found it interesting that it said advertisers may not know it, but QR codes are their best friend. I can see how the use of QR codes can easily direct people to a businesses website. The article explained, “We’re increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, and typing out URLs or other data on their tiny keyboards is still not very efficient. These squares of elaborately arranged boxes are a shortcut around that problem.” QR codes are only bound to become more common in the coming months and years.

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Collaborative and Distance Communication Tools

Collaborative and Distance Communication Tools

(Skype and FaceTime)

            Remember when we were little kids and we talked about how someday we were going to be able to call someone and talk face-to-face? We would get so excited and could only imagine what it would be like. It was a pretty big dream from telegraph, to landline, to cell phone, to smart phone. Technology is always going to impress us.  Well, that day has come. We now how multiple ways of chatting with someone live. One of the most recent technologies such as FaceTime by Apple has made this possible. I will also cover live chats using the power of Skype.

In this article it said about Facetime, “Phone calls like you’ve never seen before. People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With the tab of a button, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the glove, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories.” This new program is not only cool but also amazing! I see this program only becoming more and more accessible to everyone with smart phones not just Apple users. When one good idea comes out everyone else has to try and top it. I’m an Apple lover so to have the convenience of FaceTime right on my phone makes life easier.

Skype really needs no introduction. It’s been the king of free PC to PC calling for a long time. The difference between Skype and FaceTime is that Skype is a cross platform video calling between iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to Windows, Mac and vice versa. FaceTime is still only an Apple gadget. This article said FaceTime is still easier to use — Skype’s user interface lacks that Apple touch. Well, FaceTime is excellent as long as you are chatting with other Apple users. You can’t call friends on PCs or Android. I also found that a major difference between the two is that Skype lags a little on the picture quality. I have now used both and I prefer FaceTime over Skype. Although I’m obviously not using either to teach a class or call in for a video conference I just use it to connect with my husband when I’m out of town. Each has its purpose, but I would say I prefer FaceTime much more.





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Viral Videos

Viral Videos

            One of my favorite pastimes is browsing the Internet and stumbling upon a viral video. There is nothing better than discovering a singer for the first time, Justin Bieber, discovering a wanna be singer, Rebecca Black, or Sarah Churman, discovering her voice after 29 years of living deaf.  Anyway you view these videos, it’s amazing that you can share it with your friends and all be connected together. Justin Bieber posted his first video to share with his friends and family so they could see his singing ability and was discovered after his homemade video went viral.

Something I learned in the article by David Meerman Scott was that it’s okay to make it homemade. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and hire a professional to have a great video. Now days you can grab the $99.00 flip camera and start shooting! Millions of hits later… you’re famous!

Another thing I learned about making a viral video from technobabble 2.0 article is to upload your video with different names in the headline to make it more appealing for the surfer who goes by the title. Things appeal to different people so it’s important to try some marketing and test what works best for you. When it comes to Facebook the most important thing to do is share, share, share. Create a communication topic and share with your friends to post. Something both articles stressed about is being transparent in your videos and letting people know who you are. I think this is important because I hate opening up a message thinking it’s only spam.

In the article it mentioned each video has a shelf life of 48 hours before it’s moved from the Daily Most Viewed list to the Weekly Most Viewed list, so it’s important that this happens quickly. Make sure your videos are less than two minutes so you can keep the viewers attention and try posting a series of similar videos to build interest.

Viral marketing is the phenomenon of other people passing along your ideas to friends via email or blogs or other online means…for free! (article) It’s a great tool to build interest in your brand, company, or personal means. Take advantage of connecting with the viewers with there sense of sight. This is a powerful way of discovering something new or finding what the buzz is all about.


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Location-Based Programs

Location-Based Programs

            When I tell people I don’t get Internet on my phone they stop and stare at me for a minute before saying, “Are you serious?” Yes it’s true! I have not upgraded my phone service from a stone brick to the new smart phones. I have been dreaming of getting an I-Phone for quite some time but have not had the drive to finally go out and change my plan. That’s why it’s hard for me to really know what location-based programs are so I did a little researching.

Location-based programs for computers and mobile phones, such as navigation and social- networking applications, are used by 28 percent of all U.S. adults, according to a national survey in this article by Eric Engleman. I guess I’m falling a little behind on the national percentile. With the rising popularity of using Facebook, FourSquare and many other networking sites, it lets friends know where you have been and where you’re going. In this article by Brian Kraemer he said, “As smartphones proliferate throughout the population, getting offline becomes more difficult. So why not take advantage of being online all the time to see where your friends are?” In this article it lists many networking sites that offer location-based programs that we connect with and possibly find the next upcoming Internet site.

This could be very beneficial for many businesses as they go out and travel to let customers know where they are going to be. I know that for my work of business we travel to tradeshows and need a good way of letting the people know where to find us. With the easy way of dropping a pin on your I-Phone or updating your Facebook status makes it easy for people to track you. The beauty of location-based programs is you only update where you are, when you want others to know.

Now that I know of this exciting new feature of letting people know where I’m at, I might just have more friends “pop” in from time to time. I also might be more inclined to actually go out and upgrade my phone so that I can help raise the nations social networking programs. It’s amazing what you can find out with a little bit of research from the marvelous Internet.;jsessionid=InAPqyy3Nblf0Mx9QzAycA**.ecappj02]


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Traditional Views


Traditional Views

Author: Brian Solis

Author: Jon Stokes

“In the era of the real-time web, information travels at a greater velocity than the infrastructure of mainstream media can support as it exists today,” said Brian Solis about traditional and new media. This is very true with social media outlets that the public uses today. For example a motorcycle accident that happened at Utah State University was recorded and shared on the Internet and spread virally. The single student who videotaped the accident was able to be the reporter and cover the news before any news station could cover it themselves. With the technology of smart phones we are capable of uploading images and video of news that is happening around us. Solis said, “News no longer breaks, it tweets.”

I have noticed with this growing trend that news stations are trying to keep up with the growing social media and trying to embrace it by having people submit their pictures and video to there station. They are then covering the stories as to how people send it in. This is smart on the traditional end of media through embracing the change and working with it instead of being left out.

With the media embracing social media we are seeing many newspapers move to sending information through Facebook and Twitter. I know that I read the top stories by browsing through my Twitter updates. Solis said, “I once referred to Twitter as TNN, the Twitter News Network as it consistently beat traditional media in the race to report relevant news and trends.” It’s a quick and easy way to get good information through catchy headlines and paraphrased stories. As a younger generation I really enjoy having so much move to online media so that it’s easy access for me. I personally am not subscribed to a newspaper that gets brought to my porch every morning, instead while I eat my cereal for breakfast I’m checking the Internet for updates and the latest information.

For the future of traditional media versus the new Jon Stokes said, “If you follow US politics and opinion journalism even peripherally, then you know that the one thing that the entire political spectrum—right, center, and left—can agree on is that the American news media is in trouble.” I don’t think traditional news is in trouble as long as they learn to embrace the new ways as well. You still have the baby boomers that like to physically hold the 2 foot by 3 foot newspaper as they sit down in there lazy boy recliner.

Media needs to appeal to both audiences and have a variety of ways to receive information. You will always have the people that will turn on the talk show radio as they drive in there car or the people updating themselves on twitter, news is always the most valuable information to obtain.

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